Shakespeare in Lockdown

Image: The Barn Theatre 

I have been ridden of theatre and entertainment of any performance since this pandemic arrived and landed on our country. And I am glad to know that I am not the only one feeling like this, I have found that these Shakespearean characters are too in lockdown and share my feeling of being stuck.

Co-produced by Aaron Sidwell and the Barn Theatre and based on an original concept by Aaron Sidwell and Hal Chambers, and/or our Barn Presents musical theatre concert series.

It sees 35 episodes of Shakespearean Characters in lockdown.  

I have witnessed Hermione from The Winter’s Tale sit in the bathroom with a glass of her finest libation and cry as she has been accused by the media of adultery.  Trying not to have a meltdown, she has taken to twitter to defend herself in, what the public is calling, her “TRIAL BY MEDIA”. 

Tricia Adele-Turner

Image: Tricia Adele-Turner, The Barn Theatre 

Performed by Tricia Adele-Turner, there is a The Only Way Is Essex/ Made in Chelsea style to the piece. Turner brings thiIs Gemma Collins personality to the performance as she sits there with her ITVBe Award.  Though the piece is rather comical you can’t help feel sorry for Hermione as she scrolls through twitter and reads all the awful accusations that are being of her.  Perhaps this is a commentary on how our real-life celebrities are experiencing lockdown, if a false new article is shared on social media, due to lockdown they are limited to what they can do. So they take to social media and share their true feelings on the matter.

From a twitter spat to two lovers who can not be together because of Covid19, as poor Romeo sits alone and is unable to reach and feel the love of Juliet. He tries desperately to distract himself but nothing works. He is brave and slides into Juliet’s DM’s then a light grabs his attention.    

Jasper Cartwright

Image: Jasper William Cartwright, The Barn Theatre 

Performed by Jasper William Cartwright, I enjoy this fresh adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. It again as that sense of reality tv style about it, totally absorbed in Romeo’s situation, all we want is for him to see his love. I love that Romeo is this modern, cool young person with playing video games and working out in his flat but then we see a chalkboard written Jullet with hearts around the name. Like Romeo has this front of being a lad but we see there is a softer side to him.  

 Series 2 will launch in early July, which will see Shakespeare’s greatest duologues tackled by West End stars and 2020 drama school graduates

You can watch all of the episodes on YouTube for free

Though The Barn Theatre is asking for donations to save the theatre, for more information on how you can support them click here

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