Theatre Matters

Theatres all over the UK are in danger of not opening and for me, this is devastating news. And it just can’t happen.

I love the arts, it is my life, it is what I write about and what makes me feel better. If we centre more on the North East, which is where I am based- we have a variety of theatres, art galleries and museums. If they close- what will the region look like?

Theatre does not only entertain the public but it creates magic for everyone, it opens them up to a new world where they can be whatever they want to be and let their imagination go wild.

It also benefits the economy, if people are coming to the theatre- they may be staying in a hotel, travelling to the venue and most likely visiting a bar or restaurant.  It provides so much more than just entertainment.

It also means the actors, producers, directors, marketing, cleaners, waiters, box office, front of house staff and everyone else who makes a theatre tick has no job to go. So the arts industry job market is also at a loss if we have no events or venues to open.

Having a world without theatre just does not bear thinking about, think of a massive theatre that stands strong in your city. Imagine it being empty, filled with ghosts, echos of the previous applaud and gathering dust.

Please support your local theatre, contact them and ask how you can support them. Whether that is volunteering or offering a small donation or spreading the word about the venue needing support.

We need theatres and art spaces to stay open. Theatre does matter.




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