What will theatre’s look like in covid19

If and when theatres eventually open, will it be a regular viewing? I honestly don’t think it will.

With social distancing, masks and antibacterial gel, will we still get the same experience as before?  I have seen images of theatres having to pull chairs out to allow social distancing to work. It looks so strange and not like how we are used to seeing an auditorium.

It does not bear thinking about, I personally think it won’t be a comfortable and magical experience.  I imagine there will be PPE, anti-bacterial gel, temperature check and social distancing chairs.  I imagine that the bars may not be open?

How will it be for the performers? I assume they will have to social distance, how will that affect the characters and the storyline? Perhaps they are supposed to be a family but they look awkward because of social distancing rules? It is the same for dance, they won’t be allowed any contact work for the same rules.

I just feel it will be awkward and won’t feel like we are used to.

Perhaps there is an opportunity for our regional theatres to offer a live stream so the audience can stay at home and watch the performance from home, so there is less stress on the venue and actors?

Don’t get me wrong, I want theatres to be open but when they do, I would love it if we could feel safe and be close to what we are used too.






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