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*Dance City have not asked me to write this blog*

Image: Dance City

This was written on the 26th June.

I love dance in all its forms from performing to watching- I just love it.

And I am grateful that Newcastle has Dance City as a hub to celebrate the industry.

I have been lucky enough to review performances at Dance City for a range of publications and every time I go, I am always blown away by what I see.

As soon as you enter the building you are welcomed by dancers practising their moves in the entrance space.  As Dance City says on their website

Dance City is a vibrant and friendly place where people come together to take part, enjoy, experience and talk about dance; where professional and aspiring dancers meet, learn and train; somewhere to watch world class dance performances and somewhere for all to come along and get involved in dance.

It is in the heart of Newcastle, close to the train station, it is a place where people visit for all things dance.  It has been running for over 30 years, not only is it a place where people watch dance but it is a place where you can go to learn dance and have a go at some classes such as contemporary to hip hop, ballet to ballroom, belly dancing to pilates, from bumps to babies and for adults with learning disabilities. I have tried Contemporary, Street and Dance Fitness and Dance Fitness was my favourite. It was so fun and full of energy.

Established for over 30 years Dance City is the North East’s leading development organisation for dance, which exists to lead and support a thriving dance ecology in the region. We present a regular programme of dance performances from contemporary to ballet, world to breakdance bringing leading North East, British and International dance to Newcastle. We also commission original new works, which premiere in our theatre.

What I love about Dance City is that it feels welcoming and accessible, there are no judgments.  You are free to express yourself, create and have fun through dance no matter who you are.

Dance City receives funding from Newcastle City Council and is an Arts Council England, National Portfolio funded organisation.

To find out how to support dance city as they are closed at the moment due to Covid19 click here 

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