Why Culture Trips may be a little different?

This was written on 30th June 

If you are new to my blog then you will not know that Culture Trips is a feature where I travel to different places (mainly in the North East) and write about my experiences.

Due to a variety of factors, Culture Trips are going to be different.


Obviously, due to the pandemic, tourist attractions are not all open at the moment and when they are and if they are already then it won’t be the same as before. There are Covid19 safe restrictions put in place, this does not mean that I won’t be able to go. It just means that I will be experiencing it in a different way. It may not be as relaxed but I won’t know till I go.

I am also shielding so until I am told it is safe for me to visit places I won’t be able to go anywhere for a long time.


Covid19 affected my job so I even though I will have more time on my hands, due to Covid and my job I won’t always be able to visit these amazing places.  I will have to do it on a budget which may be a new challenge for me and helpful for you guys to read.


I have tried to go on a walk to 2 parks not local to me but I did not enjoy it. I tried to go to Plessy Woods but there were so many people, not social distancing and coming near us, all I wanted to do was enjoy nature but I was too busy doing and feeling sick and panicky.  I then tried to visit Chopwell Park and it was fine until a heck of a load of kids came by and I felt stressed and scared as kids cycled too close to me.

I am trying to normalise going out but at the movement, I am finding it very hard and I am fearful. I have not dared to go on public transport yet, I know I will have to see my family but at the moment I just can’t get on a bus or train yet.

In Summary

So in summary, it is going to take me a while to get back into doing Culture Trips and when I do it won’t be the same as before so please bare with me on this one.

Thank you



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