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Sage Gateshead has not asked me to write this. This blog was written on the 30th June 2020.

If you have ever visited the Quayside in Newcastle and Gateshead or if you are from the North East then you will have come across this beautiful building of Sage Gateshead.

It was designed by renowned architects Foster + Partners.

A hub of North East music, they hold performances, classes and events of every musical genre you can think of. And I have been lucky enough to review many a performance there for a number of publications and my blog.

As they state on their website

Every year we welcome more than two million visitors. More than 400 concerts featuring all kinds of local, regional and international music, take place all year round. Music-making and learning activity takes place not only in the building but across the region, with 190,000 people of all ages taking part in over 10,000 music classes and workshops.

It would be a massive shame if Sage Gateshead never opened so it is important that we try and save these venues.

I love that when I go to a music concert at this amazing venue, I am taken to another world and something magical happens inside Sage Gateshead.   I also think it is wonderful that Sage Gateshead is a charity and they bring music to people of all ages, abilities. Providing workshops and classes to everyone. 

Our music programmes run in the building and out across the region, helping people to grow in confidence and live a more independent lifestyle.


Due to Covid19, Sage is closed at the moment and they are in need of funding.

They have started a fundraising campaign as they say on the website

Covid-19 presents Sage Gateshead with an urgent financial challenge. In response, we have launched a three-year, 2020-23, plan to meet this challenge and to serve communities and audiences in the North East and wider North for the long-term.

They hope to raise £3 million, they rely upon the events and classes for this but due to the pandemic, it is affecting this.   When venues eventually open they won’t be able to open in the usual way. But Sage Gateshead are ambitious and hopeful for the future

However, despite these very significant challenges, we are deeply committed to responding to the needs of our communities during this crisis. And we are also committed to strengthening the long-term impact of our organisation –  we have ambitious plans for our future.

I can’t wait to one day return and visit this stunning venue.

For information on how you can support Sage Gateshead click here 




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