Experiencing Theatre at home

Though the theatres are closed at the moment that does not mean we can’t experience entertainment, theatre and culture.

Turns out we can experience theatre at the comfort in our own homes.

There are so many live streaming services on youtube and other websites that we can access all for free.

I have been watching Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Show Must Go On Which has been on every Friday night at 7pm. There have been performances like Cats, Joseph and Phantom and many more. As a lover of musical theatre, I have enjoyed every second of it and can’t wait to watch the next instalment.

It has been nice to still feel like I am going to the theatre, getting excited about the performance and sitting down and watching it.

There also been Shakespeare at-home performances like Bard from the Barn which is making Shakespeare not only accessible but relatable as we see the characters experience lockdown.

My local theatres such as The Stand and Tyne Theatre have had live social distance (without an audience) comedy gigs that we have been able to watch local comedians make us have a big giggle at home.

National Theatre have also been live streaming performances on YouTube for free.

And of course, if you have Disney+ then you will know that there are quite a few musicals and new musicals all on there to watch for free.

You can of course access Spotify and listen to musical numbers on there, I have been listening to High School Musical and some new musicals like Starry.

So there you have it, plenty of performances to watch at home and still feel like you are at the theatre but at home.







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