Mortal Fools Youth Theatre Online Audio Theatre Journey

Image: Mortal Fools

Mortal Fools Youth Theatre are going to create a free downloadable audio theatre journey.

Over the 4 weeks Summer Holidays, young people aged 8-19 will be able to have a creative outlet and opportunity to make new friends.

We’ve also reflected that it’s important for our young people to have something tangible to work towards,
and to get the payoff of sharing their hard work with others, even if this can’t be a live performance.

Mortal Fools

Participants will engage in live online sessions, at-home tasks, have rehearsals and recording sessions to create an audio theatre journey.

The final product is designed to be listened to as a journey on a walk. When it’s all finished – at the end of the Summer holidays – it will be distributed for people all over the region, the country and even the world to listen to. The young people taking part will be able to listen to the whole thing themselves and share it with their friends and family.

Mortal Fools

It will also benefit audience members, as Mortal Fools UK want to create something to support people’s mental health and give them ways to cope with social isolation and loneliness.  The audio journey will support audience members to venture out of the house and get in touch with their feelings.

The audio journey will include real-life voices, thoughts and feelings of the theatre company and other communities from the North East.

It will instruct users to go somewhere or to think about something, it will include scenes, dialogues and monologues created by youth theatre.  It will also feature soundscapes.



There will be three versions of the theatre audio journey, a Green version for audience members listening in green spaces; an Urban version for those listening in cities/built-up areas and at Home version for those unable to leave the house. The story will be the same for each version, but transitions and prompts will be tailored.

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