Culture Trip 44- Murder Mystery at Corbridge (AD)

(AD) Treasure Trail Uk gave me this trail for free in return of a blog post and a social media mention.

Treasure Trail is a fun way to explore your local towns and cities in a different light as you solve a whodunit case.

It is for anyone aged 6-106, you follow the clear and concise directions, solve the clues to work out who is innocent and who is guilty. There are a murder mystery, spy trail and treasure hunt.

They are £9.99 and can be downloaded or sent a physical copy.  You just need your own pen and paper.

There are many trails in the North East and in fact across the UK, I received the Corbridge Murder Mystery, where someone had murdered a pastiemaker and it was up to the Hirst family to help Inspector Nee Aye Deyar.


There were 22 clues and it took us over 2 hours to do plus a lunch break.

The directions were really descriptive and clear to follow and understand.  Some clues were difficult to decode and if it was not for my family then I would have struggled to decode them. Once you decided a suspect or a weapon then you know that is one less thing off the list, as at the end you are left with 1 weapon and 1 suspect and that should be the case solved.


If you do get stuck then you can text the inspector up to 3 times with the code to help you solve the mystery. We never did that as we were able to solve it ourselves.

You really have to look closely and think outside the box for some of the answers but I loved solving the clues and moving on to the next one, it was rather exciting and I felt like sherlock.


It is a great opportunity to explore your local area and we were lucky that it was a sunny day so really got to appreciate Corbridge and find hidden gems.

It also benefits the local economy as we supported many of the small, local and independent shops whilst we were there.


It is great fun for all the family, you get physical and mental exercise.

When you finish, you can enter your UNR on the back of the book, enter your answer and you get a certificate if you are right and you also are entered into a prize draw of £100.


We did get it right but I can’t tell you as that would be cheating 😉

Treasure Trails has put together some safety advice for enjoying their trails during Covid-19.

To find out about Treasure Trails UK click here 

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