Culture Trip 45- Kielder Gruffalo Hunt

I have always wanted to find the Gruffalo but never known where to find him, thanks to a fellow blogger Nomipalony, I knew just where to go.

The Gruffalo and his friends are hidden in the woods of Keilder Castle along with the Dukes (dark blue arrow) trail. It is 1.5 miles of beautiful lush green forest and in there you can find all sorts of characters.

We took our picnic (I advise you do the same) and ate outside before we started our track. It was a lovely day in Northumberland so we were lucky that we had nice weather.

The trail is free but parking is not, once you park you start the trail at the castle and follow the route.


I don’t know much about the stories but this is a cute little mouse.


I love the detail carved into the characters, looking at these feathers they look really soft and exactly like an owl. It must have taken ages to carve.


This little critter is cute, we could not decide if it was a rabbit or a squirrel, either way, you can not deny how cute it is.

The trail is meant to be easy but I am 25 and I found it a bit of a trek, I certainly got my steps in.


Can you see it? It is, of course, the famous Stick Man camouflaged in the Kielder Forests.

And here is the character we were trying to find, it is, of course, The Gruffalo. Look at how scary he is, with those horns and sharp teeth.


All tiered out from the trail, we had a little bit of rest and headed to the Kielder Waterside (which is a 10min or less drive from the castle) for a small stroll along the water.


It was very quiet and peaceful to watch the water flow.


We spotted so many thistles and ladybugs on thistles.  There were 3 on this thistle.


I feel so lucky to live in Northumberland, especially in times like this where we need staycations and it just shows you can have amazing experiences at home where you live.


I just love being outdoors in the fresh air, in nature looking at the greenery. It is very soothing.


For more information about visiting Kielder click here 

To read about the Gruffalo at Kielder click here 

2 thoughts on “Culture Trip 45- Kielder Gruffalo Hunt

  1. Hi!
    Great Post:)
    We are looking at doing this next week for my little boys 1st birthday but have been told they are not selling the trail maps currently? Did you do this trail without a map or will we get lost? 😂

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