I was an extra for Inspector George Gently on the BBC

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

If you don’t know what George Gently is, it is a BBC One Crime Drama set in the 1960’s in the North East.  It stars Martin Shaw as the Inspector and Lee Ingleby as Detective Sergeant John Bacchus.

I got to be in this experience through a link of mine from the Sunderland Experience. It was a one day experience where I got to play a schoolgirl.  I had to arrive in a plain school uniform or white shirt and skirt and tights and school shoes with my hair down, as they were going to style it in the 60’s hairdo.

I remember when I was in hair and makeup,  Vincent Regan was getting his make up done too. At the time I had no idea who he was but when I got home and told my Dad, I knew exactly who he was.

In my episode (S04 Ep01 of George Gently- Gently Upside Down) The inspectors are looking into a body of a missing schoolgirl that is found in a grave in a woods.

I played a student playing a musical instrument in music class.  We just got told to act like we were in school and I think I did the job.

If you watch this video and drag to 2.50 and see if you can spot me.

It was rather funny as I could not play that instrument because A I did not know how to and B it was broken, so I had to pretend to read the music.

It was quite a long day and there was lot of waiting around, I did not mind that. As it meant we could sit in the crew bus and watch the goings-on, watching the actors walk around and talking to the directors.

We got to have lunch, it was quite a spread. I was hungry and I think I ate a chilli with rice which was probably a bad idea but it was free food and I needed my energy.

It was a long day but lots of fun and it was interesting to be an extra, I would love to do it again.




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