Review: The Space Between

David Hunter, yes THE David Hunter tweeted me and replied to my comment on Instagram.

Why?  Because I was super excited to see he had created a short musical all in lockdown called The Space Between.

All of us theatre people have all been missing it at the moment and thanks to technology we can have 14minute dose of this beautiful piece created by West End star David Hunter and actor/singer-songwriter Caroline Kay.

Hunter and Kay have never actually met in real life but over the likes of Face Time/Sykpe Zoom they have been able to perform this musical The Space Between.

According to the details underneath the video,  it has been released to raise money for Theatre Artists Fund, supporting theatre workers in need of urgent support due to the coronavirus pandemic.   The piece features Arrangement and Musical Supervision from Nick Barstow, Cello from Imogen Halsey and Mixing and Mastering from Joe Davison. All viewers are urged to consider a donation to the Theatre Artists Fund to help support a community that our creative team is so proud to be a part of.

We see the duo play a couple who are have separated over lockdown and are having various arguments via video calls. And it does have that musical theatre feel to it, the songs feel like they have just come from off the west end.

When asked on twitter for my 3-word review I said it was Poignant, Emotive and Endearing.  It highlights what we all are having to experience at the moment, which is talking to our friends and family over the other side of a screen.

As shown in the musical, there are ups and downs and miss communications throughout the story.  Guided along by some catchy pieces of music to make the narrative flow.

I am a sucker for musical love stories and this one is a rollercoaster of a story, you go through a will they won’t they scenario and you will have to watch it to find out what the couple does.




Donations can be made at the following link:


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