Oh no, no Panto this year :(

It brings new audiences to theatre, it entertains children and brings finances into theatres and the surrounding facilities.

Due to Covid19, it looks like the Panto is a no show. With very little information and guidance about the theatre industry, we to have no Panto this year.

Most shows have been cancelled or postponed which is devastating for everyone, Panto brings in money to the theatre and if this not going to happen then what will the future of theatre look like?

I am aware that it is only August but the theatreland usually starts preparing for Christmas shows around this time and start to spend money on it. It looks like theatres will not be able to do that this year. Hopefully, theatres can start planning for a better and bigger panto for 2021.

It is heartbreaking to think that families won’t have that Christmas theatre treat to look forward too, as parents save up and kids count down the days to they see a Panto- I am afraid to say that is not going to happen.

A Pantomime is a breadwinner for the theatre and I worry if theatres will be able to survive.

There has to be a way that Panto can be socially distanced? Maybe outside or perhaps it is done on a live stream? I don’t know, I am clutching at thing straws here but I am really worried about my industry.

Panto is for some people, their first experience of theatre and to think that we may never have that again makes me upset 😦

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