Will Covid19 change the way critics review theatre?

I was going to write a blog post about how to write a review as I realised that I have never written on for my blog before.

But it got me thinking about how it will be when theatres open their doors safely and I get to review a show. Will I be able to bring my notepad or will I have to write notes on my phone which has always been a no no for me.

Then it also got me wondering if the pandemic will affect what I say, theatre companies and artists may have not been able to create any performance as they had no performance date and it may well have been over zoom and it has been a struggle.

So when I do see a show, should I take that into consideration? If there are some wobbly bits should I just understand that they may not be on their top form as it has been a while. I know that will be the same for me, I will be a bit rusty behind the keys when I write my review.

It’s funny, I don’t usually take context into a review, only if it is relevant do I need to do that. So should I put Covid19 a side and not let that affect my criticism?

I suppose on the flip side, I could argue that artists and theatre makers have had months and months to create something. So when I do see it live, I should expect the best from performances?

Or perhaps what I should be doing, is remaining professional and keep Covid19 out of my mind and review what I see in front of me. Despite the pandemic, the show must go on as they say.

If you are a theatre critic, do let me know in the comments or contact me and let me know what your views are on your approach to writing about theatre during the pandemic.

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