Review: When the World is Loud, Mortal Fools

When the World is Loud is a new audio theatre production created by Mortal Fools.

It is an audio experience that allows you to be calm, centred and to focus on the here and now, to drown out the noise of the world.

Accompanied by original music and soundscape, Mortal FoolsYouth Theatre brings you the real-life voices of young people and communities from across the North-East, to take you on a journey of discovery, escape and hope for the future.

It is for everyone, all you need is a phone (Data if you go outside) and headphones. There are many ways that you can listen, on their website, via Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Podbean.


I have been really scared recently with all the bad news in the world that was all I could hear. This audio theatre allowed me to feel calm and stress free. I actually felt rather emotional as I had not felt hopeful in a long time and just listening to people’s stories and even just their voices made me realise that things can and will be better.

Starting somewhere familiar to you, simple instructions will take you around spots in your chosen location. You’ll pause to listen to original scenes and stories and, as you move from place to place, you’ll hear community voices.


I was at home when I listens to the sounds at home, in my garden, in my kitchen and in the conservatory. It was beautiful and poetic, I liked that it got me out and about in my house rather than sitting on my pc which is what I would have been doing. It made me appreciate life and the world around me.

​Most importantly – you’ll have time to reflect on your own thoughts, feelings and experiences. That is what I really liked about it, the reflection. Not only did I reflect upon myself but it made me think about our community and how proud I am of Prudhoe. I understand that some recordings were done in Prudhoe and it was nice to hear what about thought about the area that we live in, I now look at my community in a more positive light.


It also got me thinking about theatre, I am worried about the industry but look how mortal fools have been able to adapt- they are still making theatre, just in a different way.

Yes things are chaotic at the moment but if we all just stand still and focus on the moment, things become less overwhelming and I begin to think about the future and I believe that things are going to be alright.

For more information and to listen to When The World Is Loud click here

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