Operation Sleeping Beauty

The Government have created a  scheme called Operation Sleeping Beauty, where they hope to bring back events by Christmas.

Theatres have been allowed to open however I know that North East theatres have been closed as they have not been able to open safely and due to finances.

I am pleased to see that there is going to be support in place but what I don’t know, is how can theatre work with social distancing and can theatres and artists create a show in time for December?

Theatres need to have a full house for it to be financially stable, so does that mean we all wear masks and not social distance?  That seems to be a massive risk for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I want to support the arts in any way that I can and when we are allowed to go to a show, I will be first in the queue. That is only if there are safety measures in place and social distance. 

I actually thought about this during the eat out scheme and it looks like that there is going to be the same for theatres, which will hopefully boost the theatre economy and hopefully encourage new audiences.  Looking closely at this, it looks like this will still benefit the food industry, so if you have a theatre ticket and are going for a meal- that meal will be discounted. I know some theatres in Newcastle did this already before lockdown.

I really am worried about theatre and I do want it to be open again but it has to be safe for all involved. 

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