My Dance Journey

On my blog, I talk a lot about dance and how I have experience in it. But I don’t think I have ever really talked about my dance journey. 

For me it all started a when I was younger, I used to love school discos and bopping away at family parties. 

From there I started my first dance class in Irish Dance, my Dad would take me after school and Id have my little black soft Irish dance shoes on. They were a nightmare to get on and fasten with all the straps and laces.

Irish dance was a lot of posture correction, being very stiff up top and then fluid but harsh on your feet. My teacher was very strict but she knew her stuff. I only did one show/competition. I remember my hair having to be brushed and poofy to perfection and my dress was beautiful. My dress was a traditional Irish dance dress, green sleeves, fitted and flared at the bottom with this Irish design on it. 

I had graduated from soft shoe to the heels that you see the dancers were on Riverdance. I was so happy when I got to wear a heel that I slipped over in class and feel flat on my face. I was so embarrassed that I gave up and never returned to Irish dance again.

Then came Chart Toppers, which was a class that provided my local sports centre.  Chart Toppers was a pop/street dance class. I did this on the weekend when I was little, we would learn a new routine every week and it was a lot of fun. We also did a show outside in a park and it was great- I loved it and I finally found a dance class that I could stick too.

Then the class stopped and dance stopped for me.

Then 2004/5 I moved and I found Feet First, I was there from 2004/5- 2013/14. I did ContemporaryStreet and Stage. I loved it, learning routines, performing on stage and learning about technique. I truly believe that Feet First made me who I am today as a person.  It was hard work but the result was soo worth it, to be on stage and see my family applaud and smile- that was the reward after all the long rehearsals.

From then, you may know that I studied A-Level Dance and Performing Arts then it stopped from there.  To find out why it all stopped, you will have to follow and subscribe to my blog to find out.

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