Press Experience in the Theatre

Theatre is closed at the moment so I thought I could tell you what it is like to go to the theatre as press.

The press team of a theatre usually send me an invite to a show or send me a list of shows and I request the shows I want to review. 

I then get a press release with all the show info and pictures etc that I can use for my blog.

I then attend that performance, on arrival I get my press ticket, programme and at some theatres, I get a free drink. Often on big press nights, it is full of media, bloggers and local celebs so I often find myself sat around some famous faces. Which is useful as I use it as a networking opportunity. 

Then obviously after the show, I write the review and get it published and the process starts again. 

There are some theatres that like to smoosh the press with free drinks and in the interval, they make sure you have everything you need. And some theatres let you see the show and do what you need to do.

But whatever the experience from the theatre- I never let it affect my opinion of the show. Yes, I get a free ticket but my review of the show is always honest and the free ticket does not affect me. 

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