Why I am on this side of the stage

I used to be a performer, I have been in dance shows, musical theatre, Fringe, music videos and even panto- oh yes I have.

And when I was at the high school I was like Sharpay Evans, I really wanted to be in the arts on a stage. But that all stopped, I realised that the performance industry is very competitive and auditions are overwhelming. It is all about what you look like and if you are good enough.

Then I started writing for The Chronicle and caught the theatre writing bug. I loved seeing a show and writing about it, the more I wrote the less I wanted to perform.

Don’t get me wrong, I still miss performing- especially in dance and I do choreograph my own routines at home. Even when I am in the audience, watching a show I sometimes wish I could be performing with them. 

I do often think I could maybe join a local dance class or an am-dram club? I don’t know..  Could I have the energy for the rehearsals and performance? 

 I think still prefer to be on this side of the stage, writing about it.

3 thoughts on “Why I am on this side of the stage

  1. I love musicals and have to spend time in the audience- don’t have the talent to be a musical theatre actress


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