Here For Culture

I am writing this on the day of Boris’s update and I have not found out what those updates are yet. However, I have also just found out that most of the venues and cultural events/projects/organisations in the North East have received funding from the government to allow them to stay open.

The report has been made on the ACE Website, in which you can view here 

The Arts Council England launched an investment of £257 million in 1,385 venues, theatres, museums and cultural organisations.

From what I understand, culture organisations applied for funding and were given various benefits.  

I also read from the website that over the coming weeks they will add more data to the website as further Culture Recovery Fund awards are announced.

This is great news for me as it means I can still go to a theatre and watch and experience art and culture. Creatives and artists are viable, we do need you more than ever. Please don’t stop creating work, it means I can go to a theatre and see what you have created. 

I can not wait to go to the theatre, I have missed it and would just like to thank the organisations who have taken this time to fill in those complex forms in order to receive funding. Without you, I would not be to have a blog, enjoy the theatre and write about it.

I can see what each organisation in the North East has received monetary wise, however, I do not know how much that means to each organization. I don’t know what that money allows them to do, all I know is it means they can still open. So once the government give the ok as to how we can socially distance in terms of performers and audience etc I will be able to go to an event.

It also hopefully means that the staff of these venues have a job, artists have jobs. Ahh this is a good day for me and I am very excited.

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