Importance of Regional Theatre

I follow theatre news so I can catch up on the industry goings-on.

Now I don’t know if it is because of the publications that I follow but most of the theatre news seems to be about London. 

I understand that London is the capital and the West End is famous but what about regional theatre? We must not forget about regional theatre. I love the west end but I also love small regional theatre, especially North-East as that is what I have experienced. 

In the North East we have a big regional theatre community and I would love to see more about it in the press. 

Smaller regional theatre is important, often it can be a stepping stone for artists as a means to perform to bigger stages. Sometimes regional theatre companies get opportunities to perform on a bigger stage so they can experience what it is like. 

I also find that regional theatre offer opportunities to schools and non-arts communities to make theatre accessible and educate people about what regional theatre can offer.  Especially here in the North East, we have so many theatres and opportunities to experience art and culture, the press should be highlighting that and shouting it out to the world. 

I worry that people read about London and think that that’s just it, but it is not.  Especially during now, in a global pandemic, I fear that London is the priority at the moment and they are given the opportunities to open and put musicals on with the big names and big stars.

Why can’t the regional theatre open too? I know that they have been given money so fingers crossed that will allow them to open soon.

Please don’t forget about regional theatre, it is important to the industry. 

I want North East theatre to be recognised and shouted out to the world how amazing we are, that is for another blog. 

After writing this I realised I wrote about this 5 Years ago in Kettle Magazine

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