My Top 10 Favourite Musicals

A while ago I was challenged by my family to write a list of 100 musicals, I did that. It got me thinking, out of those which of those are my favourite. 

So here are my Top 10 Favourite Musicals

  1. Wicked 

I love Wicked, I first saw it with my school on a trip to London and I was taken aback by the powerful songs and the storyline. I just loved the magic of it all. I often play the songs and pretend that I am in the show and sing along.

  1. Cats

Not the film version but the stage version, I love Cats as I have one as a pet and I love musicals so…. I also love the choreography in this, I am an ex-dancer and I am jealous that I am not as flexible as they are. I wish I could bend and fold in that way. And I know there is no storyline as such but it is just a fun musical.

  1. Legally Blonde

I just enjoy this one because I can see myself as Elle Woods minus the cute dog. 

  1. Grease

Now that I am older I realise how wrong this story is but when I was younger, I loved watching the video of this musical. I love the costume, set and songs. I always fancied myself as a bit of Sandra Dee.

  1. West Side Story

I studied this for A Level Dance, I enjoy the music and the dance in this musical. I also like that it is like an adaptation of Romeo & Juliet.

  1. Rent

 I have seen a couple of versions of this musical and the storyline is poignant to today. I just love how a bunch of creative misfits come together to save their homes and industries. There are some heart breaking songs in there.

7. Billy Elliot 

I think I have to say this as I am from the North East but it is true, a Durham working-class lad wants to be a dancer- I can relate to this. It is a well-written story and I am passionate and interested in the North East mining history.  When I saw it at the Sunderland Empire I cried, I felt so proud to be from the North East

8. Starlight Express

This bonkers musical makes 0 sense and I love it, it is just a bit of cheese. People playing trains and skating around the stage on rollerskates, no sense but it is a lot of fun. 

9. Chicago 

It’s a bit dirty, flirty and sassy and it is amazing. I have never seen the stage version only the film version but I love a group of strong independent women who can get away with murder.

10. Phantom of the Opera

I have seen the film and the stage version (on the live stream) and I remember watching it and being speechless at the end. The set and the songs literally took my breath away. The cast in that musical are the best singers ever, their vocal range is out of this world.

One thought on “My Top 10 Favourite Musicals

  1. My top ten technically is 11 musicals= that is because that #1 spot is tied

    Here they are:

    1. Wicked/Les Mis- basically tied
    2. Annie
    3. Sound of Music
    4. Phantom of the Opera
    5. Rent
    6. Newsies
    7. Beauty and the Beat
    8. Frozen
    9. Aladdin
    10. Lion King

    When it comes to Disney musicals, it is hard to rank them- so this list may not be fully accurate


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