My Top 10 Favourite Musical Theatre Songs

I liked to think I can sing but I know that I can’t. I never let that stop me though, not when it comes to musical theatre songs.

So with that in mind here are my top ten favourite musical theatre songs.

Defying Gravity, Wicked 

I bloody love Wicked and this song blows me away every time I hear it, I wish I had those lungs so I could belt this woppa out.

 Electricity, Billy Elliot

This song tells the story, it explains why Billy really wanted to be a ballet dancer and what dancing means to him. 

 Tell Me It’s Not True, Blood Brothers

I saw this musical on a school trip to the theatre royal in Newcastle. It is a heartbreaking song with a heartbreaking story.

 Cell Block Tango, Chicago

This is my favourite song from Chicago, I love the cleverness of it all and the music and lyric flows together- plus the dancing in this is exquisite.

One Day More, Les Miserables

I feel like this is the song that everyone knows no matter if they have seen the musical or not. It is very powerful.

Seasons of Love, Rent 

I always sing to this song in the shower, you can feel the emotion in the lyrics- it is a beautiful song.

Six, Six 

I have not seen this musical YET I am hoping to see it next year. Ahead of that, I have heard all of the songs and I love this song, as it introduces the audience to the characters.

The Sound of Music, The Sound of Music

This musical is like marmite for people, I personally love it. I have been to where they filmed this. Who hasn’t stood in a field and pretended to be Maria?  

The Music of the Night, The Phantom of the Opera

I have 0 words for this, just listen to it. The song will speak for itself.

Rum Tum Tugger, Cats

Hands up, I had a bit of a crush on this cat haha… This song is so sassy and cool plus it is very catchy. 

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