Keeping Theatre Alive

When I say keeping theatre alive, I mean that I don’t want the theatre industry to die and also don’t want theatre to be behind a digital screen.

I want to keep the theatre alive and live.

As far as I am aware, most of the theatres/culture venues in the North East are NOT open as of yet. So I am trying my best to support theatre, from writing about them to watching virtual performances online.

Now that we have another lockdown, I have 0 ideas when theatres are going to open. I worry that they will never open again and I understand that that is a drastic case but it might happen. 

I understand that opening theatres in a pandemic is a struggle but a lot of them in London have opened so why can’t regional ones? They have to be covid safe for everyone involved. So till they do that, there is no theatre- only online.

I have been watching and enjoying theatre performances online- it just isn’t the same as physically being there. You don’t get that excitement of going to the theatre, getting dressed up and maybe going for a meal before or after the show. You can’t get your ticket and find your seat and have that intimate experience between audience and actor. You don’t get to see the actor LIVE on stage. 

I also feel that I don’t get that same feeling and connection in a live performance compared to watching a show online.  And that is why I really want the theatre to return. When it does, it has to be covid safe and bigger and better than ever. 

Don’t get me wrong, I have accepted that theatre won’t be open this year for panto and I think it will probably be the summer of 2021 when we see theatre return. I just hope that will be true. 

I don’t want theatre to be closed forever, I want to keep it alive.

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