My problem with National Theatre at Home

National Theatre had put on performances on YouTube for audiences to watch at home, now I am holding my hands up and honestly telling you that I never watched one of them.

National Theatre at Home the project was called and it was all over social media, my fellow theatre critics were loving it and I really wanted to engage with it but I just couldn’t.

There are two reasons as to why this is, number 1- I have already spoken about this on a previous blog. I can’t get the same connection/feeling/experience that I usually do in the theatre. I don’t know why that is, I just can’t get this whole watching a performance behind a screen thing, I know I need to accept it and adapt to this change but currently, it is not working for me.

The other reason for me not being able to watch the National Theatre at home, is because I feel that I am the wrong audience for it. Which is absolute rubbish I know. 

Theatre is and should be accessible, it is for everyone and especially during Covid19, it is useful for theatre to be on the tv so everyone can access it. But there is just something about National Theatre that I think it is not for me, it is not National Theatre’s fault, it is mine.

I have never been to the National Theatre but I liked to go at some point when I am allowed and theatres are open.  When it comes to watching the live streams, there is just something in my mind that says it is not for you and should not be for you. It is like I have this strange stigma attached to National Theatre, that is it for the upper class and for people who have had a cultured education/awareness/upbringing and I am certainly not all of the things. 

Therefore I think it is not for me and I can not possibly watch it.

Now I know this is absolute tosh and of course I can watch it but at the moment I just can’t. How do I resolve my relationship with the National Theatre and Live Streaming theatre performances? 

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