Be More Amar

I was watching a BBC TV Programme by travel journalist Amar Latif, Amar is blind which means he has a totally different experience on travel. 

Watching the programme I was really motivated to his outlook on life, it was so refreshing. He was abseiling, walking up mountains, walking with a lama and sailing on a boat across a beautiful lake. He was using his other senses to experience his trip, the words he came out with was so poetic. The way he saw the world and felt the experience was out of this world, I was speechless listening to him. 

 The programme was filmed before lockdown and it got me thinking about my own life and culture trips that I create for my blog. Now I hate this word we keep hearing- Adapt. Perhaps we need to view life and our own experiences in a new way. 

Though Amar is blind, he does not let that restriction stop him- instead, he embraces it. I need to do the same, I need to learn to embrace these changes and new Covid restrictions.

When I am allowed to travel and go out again and when I feel confident to travel and explore culture trips, I will have to adapt to the new rules. There is a lot of negative angry people on social media and I understand that you are allowed to feel that way and sometimes I feel upset too. 

We need to be more Amar and start finding positives out of all of this, we need to perhaps tilt our view and start accepting/adapting rather than fighting it. I am not saying we need to break the rules, I am saying we need to accept them and find our own way to enjoy our lived whilst following these rules. 

Notice I have refrained from using the word new normal and that is because it is not a new normal and it is not normal. None of this is. 

Things will get back to normal eventually but for now, we need to trust this odd process/experience of a global pandemic.  

Thanks, Amar for that programme, it really inspired me to change my own outlook on life and change my view of the way I see this world we are currently living in.  

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