Love Where You Live- Northumberland

This blog is inspired by a You Tube Video that made me smile .

It made me appreciate the places where I live as lockdown has allowed us to explore the hidden gems in which we live. 

No matter if it the North East, Northumberland, Newcastle, Sunderland, South or North Tyneside, as a region as a whole we are so lucky to have some amazing places for both locals and tourists. 

I live in Northumberland and I am some lovely places to visit. 

Let’s take the Angel of Hexhamshire, I only found this out recently that there was another angel. And it is in a remote area in the middle of a random field, when you see it and walk up to it, it allows to you to take in the glorious country views that is Hexham.

Talking of country views, Kielder is a beautiful part of Northumberland and I recommend anyone to visit. Kielder is a man-made reservoir is has an observatory, a Gruffalo walk and a cycle outdoors route and much more. If you want to disconnect and reconnect with mother nature then check it out.


Northumberlandia is the lady of the North or to me, she is the queen of Northumberland. She is a sculpture made of the land of a lady. You can walk on and around her and appreciate the landscape around you. 


I love Langley, I feel like it is a wonderful corner of the world and not many people know about it, I feel like it is my secret hideaway. Again it is full of nature and greenery but there is also many shops, cafes and restaurants and The Garden Station and a Sci-Fi Museum .  The museum has a Dalek in front of it and a Tardis Car, which is amazing- it has drummed up a lot of press recently.


If you love flowers, gardens and nature then Northumberland is lucky to have Alnwick Gardens It is like a wonderland of flowers and leaves, they also have some hidden treats to see too.  Everywhere you look you want to take photos because the gardens are so picturesque, it is so serene it is like you are in another world.

Alnwick Gardens

Morpeth is also another lovely place in Northumberland, just a little town full of shops, cafes and gardens. We like to go for a nice walk around and find a hidden gem of a cafe and treat ourselves to a nice bit of cake.


Hexham is a wonderful town and holds a dear place in my heart, it is where I worked and I used to love arriving into Hexham early, grabbed a hot drink and I used to walk around and enjoy the scenery of Hexham.

Hexham by Charlie Harris

Northumberland is home to some beautiful clean beaches and I love to visit Druridge Bay, it is a place not many people know about. So I love to visit, it is a quiet beach and so serene. Just to switch off and you can hear nature.

Druridge Bay

Now, these are only a few places that I love to visit in Northumberland, I, of course, have many more but my blog would become an essay if I mentioned them all. I hope you enjoyed reading the places I love where I live. 

Let me know in the comments or on social media the places that you love where you live. 

6 thoughts on “Love Where You Live- Northumberland

  1. I love reading this post! Alnwick Castle is one of my favourite places. Every time I go I always make sure to make a quick stop at Barter Books too 🙂

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  2. I absolutely love visiting Northumberland! I think one day we will end up moving there. Its just full of so many amazing places!


      1. I think my favourite places are all along Hadrian’s wall. Its just so beautiful up there and so historic too!


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