Gemma’s Journey- Update

There has been an exciting update with my career journey, if you follow my personal account on social media then you will that I have finally got a job in marketing.

It is a 3-month internship as a Marketing Assistant and I am super excited. I have only started properly this week and I am still getting my head around the role and this whole home working thing. 

So whilst I get around a proper routine, blogging may be a bit quiet which is annoying as I have lots to write about. I just need to work out my routine and when I am going to blog.

I will have time to do it after my working day and at weekends but it is whether I feel that I will want to do that or if I will have the energy.

I am just learning the ropes so please be patient and let me do that before I force myself to push rushed content out on Gemma’s Journey.

You lovely readers know how much I have wanted a job like this and know how hard I have worked and how long it has taken me so I want to make sure that I get it right. And if that means putting my blog on pause for a bit then that is what it will take.

Don’t worry I will be back but for now, it is all on pause at the moment, feel free to click back and read some of my previous posts. 

Thank you

Gemma x

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