What does music mean to me?

Sage Gateshead sent me an email asking what music meant to me and it is something I have never thought about. Until now… So here are my answers.

What does music mean to me?

When I think about music, I first think about the artists, genres and songs that I like and then I go a bit deeper into that thought. For me, music has to have a connection whether that be through the sound, story, emotion of the music- if I don’t have that connection then I can’t enjoy it. 

Music is a connection and a creative out for me, when I am feeling low or happy even. If i have music on then it helps me release those emotions. 

My musical memory 

I have so many musical memories that I can’t really choose one. When I do think of music, for some reason I think about North East music and all the amazing talented regional artists that I have seen and how proud I am .

What are my hopes for North East Music in 2021?

That there is loads of it and that we can help embrace the talent that is out there in the North East. And that all of these amazing venues that we have can showcase the artists. 

My favourite Christmas Song is

Ooo now this is an original but if you know me then you will know what I am about to say. Of course it has to be Frisky and Mannish Perfect Christmas Single. 

It would be great to share your musical memories, in the comments.

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