A Letter to theatre

I am writing this on the 29th December 2020.

I can’t remember the last time I reviewed a show which is really bad, if I think about it it may have even been in 2019. Work appeared to have gotten in the way, which is awful but now I have a different job and due to Covid I have not been to the theatre. 

In 2021 I want to return to the theatre when I am allowed. I realise now how important theatre is to me, if and when we can I will make the effort to see more performances. I would like to see a variety of theatre and different forms of performance art. 

I’d also like to be more engaged and involved in theatre- it sounds big headed but I want the industry to know my name, so that when something cultural is going on they tell me about it. I have been part time in theatre but in the new year I would like to be full time, not just drifting in and out of it.

I feel like I have missed out on a lot of cultural events and I want that to change, I want to be in the beating heart that is North East Culture. And not miss anything if I can help it.

I am sorry theatre, I feel like we have not had the best relationship with each other and I feel like I have been fading away from you. So to amend that in 2021 I will have a stronger relationship with theatre. 

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