Recepie for a great musical

I love musicals, the razzle dazzle, show tunes and the dance routines. It got me thinking what makes a great musical? To me, what attracts me to a musical.

Storyline, the storyline has to be captivating, emotive, relatable. When I watch it, I want to be able to keep my eyes on the performance and be fully engaged in the events that are unfolding.

Songs, it isn’t a musical without a song or too. It has to have 1 power ballad, a catchy number, slow song and one that the audience can sing, dance and clap along too. I also think that the songs have to be catchy, when I walk out of the theatre I want to be singing at least one of the songs from the show- it has got to be memorable.

Characters, there is no story without characters and within that there is usually a mix of good, bad, beautiful, ugly, people we love and people we love to hate. There has to be a range of characters with different dynamics that they bounce off. 

Dance, as an ex dancer I love all dance routines- no matter what style, I just love dance. I think a musical that has a routine in there that audiences can attempt and a routine that audiences are in ore of is the perfect balance for a musical.

Message, this is also a very important one for me. A musical has to have some sort of message that us as the audience can take away and all learn from.

4 thoughts on “Recepie for a great musical

  1. Here’s what I think makes a good musical:

    1. For starters, have to love the songs
    2. 2nd, emotional connection and loving the character
    3. 3rd, have to love the plot and the overall message
    4. I look for dance and spectacle too, but if a musical isn’t big on that, something has to make up for that

    I love musicals as well

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