TikTok musicals

If you are a dedicated musicals fan, then you will know about the TikTok Ratatouille Musical. Creators from all over the world from different parts of the arts background came together and wrote and created their own ratatouille musical all by using TikTok.

Stars came in on the idea to help put the performance together, audiences could pay what they could afford to watch it. The money would go to The Actors Fund.

So it got me thinking, whilst we are still in a pandemic, could this be the new way we experience musicals? Obviously we have live streams and access to musicals on various formats.

Who knew that social media could act as a platform for acting haha

You all know that I am not a fan of the platform myself, but if it is going to be the way forward for the arts then I am all for it. I think it is wonderful that people can be creative and express themselves through social media. To create a musical and for that musical to support a charity and to have the backing of celebrity is fantastic.

I have no idea if it is eventually going to be taken to westend of broadway but that would be wonderful.

I did see ratatouille tiktok musical and I did not like all of it. I could visualise it as a staged production, just not in that format that it was now. I still like to enjoy musicals on a stage live infront of me.

But as we, the world is having to adapt to change and perhaps this is a new change that I am going to have to accept and embrace.

What musical would you like to see in a TikTok format?

2 thoughts on “TikTok musicals

  1. As strange as the concept was, I had a joyful time watching the Ratatouille musical. It was just nice to see some form of art being produced in the theatre world in a really dark time for the performing arts.

    I have been wanting a musical adaptation of Home Alone for the longest time, so TikTok… do your thing!

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