Kelis Angel, Short Film by me

Image: Instagram: @kxlisangel 

Lockdown has brought out the creative sides for a lot of people, especially for Kelis Angel who has created a lockdown film.

Kelis Angel, (16) has created Short film by me. Which showcases her hometown of Middlesbrough in Lockdown. 

A photography student from The Northern School of Art, Kelis has always loved film and photography ever since she was 8 years old where she would make magic trick videos. 

Kelis now focuses more on  urban street photography, streetwear photography and travel. She used a drone to create the film as Kelis said:

“I knew straight away once I got the drone I wanted to do a documentary about boro COVID wasn’t going to be involved but I wanted to show how life had changed.”

Short film by me was shot on Dji mini 2 for the drone footage and Sony a7iii + 85mm 1.4 sigma lens. It took Kelis 1 week to make, since the launch it has been viewed 223 times on You Tube.

“The reaction from people was amazing I didn’t expect the video to go this crazy like me being on the news and radio”

Kelis had to think outside the box when making the film and following the Covid guidelines.

“The hardest thing to adapt to is not been able to go outside of where you live because I love to travel”

 In the film, we see her nana and grandad, her parents (who are both key workers) and her neighbour who is a key worker.

Kelis has found the travel reactions difficult when creating her work and she hopes that in 2021, Covid will be gone so she can continue doing what she loves.

“My dream is to move to New York because I fell in love with the city when I first went or any city such as London I feel like there is a lot more creative opportunities in city’s . I’d love to do YouTube and be a filmmaker + photographer.”

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