To Tweet or not to Tweet that is the question?

This has been on my mind for quite a time now and ever since theatre has gone digital I thought I might as well write about it. 

You see, this happened to me this week. I experienced a digital performance on YouTube and rather than writing a review on my blog, I simply wrote a tweet about it. 

I wrote a tweet because 1 it was quick and easy 2 I did not have time to write a blog 3 I wanted to be one of the first ones to share.

Now that theatre is all digital, will this be the norm? Now I know before you say anything that reviews are obviosully written and created for online as well as social media but are a tweet going to replace a review?

Rather than writing a review that will take longer than a tweet, we will simply tweet our thoughts of digital production? And yes before Covid, audiences did share their thoughts of a performance right awards. I know as a critic, I did not I always waited till I wrote a blog.

So during Covid is that what is going to happen? Will, I just do tweets not reviewed and even after covid will I just stick to tweeting? Heck no, I will have the time to write a review. 

How much importance/value is a tweet? Especially in terms of reviews? Do audiences read reviews more than a tweet? Do they like to sit and read a review or is a simple tweet enough to wonder what the performance is?

So what should us critics do when it comes to reviewing at home? Tweet or not too tweet that is the question. 

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