Overwhelmed by Entertainment

In Lockdown the entertainment industry has had to adapt to the world of virtual.

As we can’t get to a venue, artists are able to bring their work to us via a digital performance. But it is not just that is it, at home we can access Netflix, Disney Plus, Catch Up TV, Podcasts and Movies on the old tellybox.

And if I am honest, I don’t know where to look first.  When I am getting ready for my day, I will listen to a podcast but the problem is, I follow so many I have no idea which one to listen to and it will take me ages just to get through one yet by the time I have finished it, two more appear. 

I can’t keep up and I know that is the whole point of a podcast, that they are there forever and I can listen whenever.

Then we have the tv and that can be streaming or live tv. There is so much to watch and I read on social media about all these programmes and again I have no idea how I will the time to watch all of them. That most of the time, I don’t bother as I feel that I have missed out on the hype.

I usually just end up watching rubbish on tv or when I am in bed and I have some time to myself I might watch Disney+ or catch up tv.

I really want to be engaged in all the goings-on in the world of entertainment but I can’t work out where to start and I find myself getting stressed out over it and I don’t need to be.

Perhaps I need to organise a time where I can sit and watch or listen to the programmes I want to engage with. I would like to be in the blog image and find calm and relaxation in the tv.

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