Power of Performance Art

When you go to see a piece of performance art what are you expecting to see and how do you feel afterwards?

I suppose it all depends on what you are going to see but does it? After listening to Carefully Taught on BBC Radio 2, I learnt that no matter what type of performance art it is, it can have a powerful message behind it.

No longer it a performance just for entertainment, it is a way for artists to express an opinion, tell a story or add a commentary on the news of the world.

Most theatre shows I see, I have to admit are full of powerful underlying messages that sometimes I don’t understand straight away. It is not till I am writing my review or I am sat in the car on the way home that I realise that I have seen.

Even in musicals, where I have gone to escape and have a night out where I want to enjoy myself. I realise that there was political message to it.

As I write this, I think does that make me naive or is the performance art genius? The fact that they can portray poltical messages or any message for that matter that is of importance to the artist through a performance is so clever.

When I am allowed to go to the theatre again, I will certainly have a different take on theatre and perhaps viiew it differently and look for those hidden messages and try to understand what it wants me to think. 

After listening to the podcast, I was truly in awe and I didn’t realise the power behind art. 

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