Review: I Made You A Playlist by The Six Twenty

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Virtual shows have become the norm now due to the pandemic, this was my first experience. And you know how it is, out in Northumberland when the weather is wild- the wifi goes on and off.

And it did just that during Wednesday night’s performance of I Made You A Playlist by The Six Twenty.

The digital performance was performed via the wonderful medium of Zoom, celebrating the people and places that we are missing in Northumberland. We watched James, Jessica, Caroline and Hannah portray these stories.

As I said due to my wifi, I was not able to catch all of the songs but the ones that I did hear, I did not recognise but I felt that did not matter. Because I was able to connect (wrong choice of word) and resonate with people’s stories. It was interesting to see how the song linked with the story and the emotion.

We can’t get to the theatre at the moment, so when you book the performance. You are sent are letterbox gift, with some sweets, badges and some glow sticks. So you can find yourself a comfy spot, relax, listen to the pre show playlist to really get in the mixtape mood.

If you are going to virtually attend the event, make sure you have a laptop, better wifi connection, dim your lights and enjoy the music.

It just goes to show that, yes we maybe in lockdown and restricted but we always have music to bring us together.

For more information click here

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