Gemma Hirst: My Turning Point in Theatre

This blog is inspired by this video

Through the #TheatreArtistsFund​​​​ , Official London enlisted some friends to raise awareness and share a moment when they felt like giving up, but then someone was there to lend a helping hand.

I thought that was a lovely idea and I wanted to share my theatre story. Though mine is a little different, as I did not end up performing I wanted to be on this side of the stage.

I always loved to write and I always loved theatre, at the start of my writing career I was not writing about theatre. I was writing little community news story for a student magazine. Any experience is better than no experience, so I was happy that I was writing.

And then came The Chronicle Young Reviewers Competition, which allowed me to write about theatre and have my work published in the local newspaper and I remember feeling so proud seeing my name next to my review in print. From there my theatre writing career zoomed and it was all going so well then university came around and that stopped. It was all newsy and serious and I lost my creative juices a bit.

Then my journalism lecturer told me about the new media hub that was being created at the university and one of the media hubs would be a culture online magazine, now he did tell me that they had created it for me- I don’t think that was true but it gave me a boost. Because from there, not only was I writing theatre content again but I was writing for loads of other magazines outside the university.

And the rest is history, as they say because now I have my blog and I love showcasing North East Culture, Theatre and Events.

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