How many I’s are there in critic?

In my last review I talked how my wifi and my location had affected the virtual performance, that got me thinking. How much of myself should I be including when writing about theatre?

Obviously when writing a review of a theatre performance, you as a reader want to know about the performance but it is also about my thoughts. So how much do I mention myself in a review? I suppose it is about context, in my last review the show was about Northumberland and I thought it pertinent to say that is where I was watching the show and how it affected my experience.

If I was watching the same performance at the theatre, if I mentioned where I lived I don’t think it would have resonated as well. When reviewing performances that are in a theatre, I don’t usually or at least try not to mention myself unless it is absolute necessary.

But then it is me who is writing the review, so why not mention myself. That is what a review is, it is my opinion.

My dear readers, I am very confused and still in two minds about it. If I talk about myself, I come across cocky and readers don’t want to know about me but then if I don’t I think I loose my voice.

I think I have come to a conclusion that if I can personally relate to the piece and it makes sense to mention me then do so but if it does not then I won’t.

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