Will I ever review theatre again?

I question this because I realise that when theatre returns, audience will be limited due to social distancing.

Every theatre lover wants to experience a live performance but with the pandemic still living amongst us, what will that mean for the theatre press sector? Before we knew what Covid was, I would request or be invited to press nights for a theatre show. I’d attend the performance, write about it and share on social media.

Now that the pandemic is around, theatre can’t just open as there are safety measures that need to go in place. Sadly but it makes sense, the audience will be limited. Because the press ie me are apart of that audience it means that we will be limited too.

So how will venues and PR decide who will review the show? I would love to think that the venues that I attend would still invite me as I have written about theatre and know the theatre marketing teams really well, so I hope they would include me in the press list. However I am not a big paper or online publication with loads of readers and followers therefore that may affect my invite.

Venues and PR will have to carefully chose publications to invite as part of the audience and I think I have to admit to myself that I am not going to be one of them.

Which is a massive shame, if I don’t write about theatre or ever get to review again, what is going to happen to this blog? I really have no idea, I love theatre and it is my passion that is why I love to write about it.

This is not a plea for help or a guilt trip for theatre and PR but honestly if I don’t get to write about theatre, I am going to have to stop writing for this blog 😦 and I don’t want that to happen.

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