Missing out on Theatre

I have been out of the theatre loop before lockdown due to work and other commitments.

Now Covid has happened, it has prevented me from getting back into theatre.

I engage with theatre content, such as podcasts, magazines, blogs and theatre news and I realise that I am completely out of the loop. Theatre fans talk about shows, and musicals that I have never heard of, yes most of those shows are London based but still as a theatre blogger I am expected to be in the show of all theatre goings on.

I think because theatre in London is open, it would appear that London is where its at. I know most of the North East Theatre is not open yet, so hence I am not writing reviews about shows in the North East.

Don’t get me wrong, I hope you wonderful readers will know that I want to and do support North East Theatre. I love theatre, it is the reason why I started this blog.

I just want to be involved in it again but with Covid and me being nervous to return to an indoor venue of any kind, I have no idea when, how I will be able to be in the theatre loop again.

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