I won’t be seeing Six

I am loosing my head that I won’t be seeing SIX the musical (UK Tour) this year. I have been waiting two or three years to see Six and due to Covid the dates have constantly been changing, which is fair enough.

But last week I got an email to say that due to the recent updates, Six has seen some changes. Due to the Government updates, theatres have had to of course change their seating layout to allow SIX to be socially distanced. Which means that less than half of the seats at my local theatre will be available for each show.

Because this show is so popular, it has meant that the theatre can not provide everyone with a ticket (even if you had already bought one)

I have had my ticket for 2 or 3 years and experienced numerous date changes but still I was excited to see it.

So what is happening with your ticket I hear you ask?

Well what the theatre has decided to do is give everyone who booked, a credit note to re book for the covid safe SIX, but this means that you might not get to see it as it is a first come first served basis.

This makes me really upset, I had my tickets for ages and now I have to fight for my tickets. I know it is not the theatre’s fault, it is just a shame that it has had to be done this way.

There are other options that the theatre has given me, which is to try and move SIX tickets to 2022 but again that is quite a wait to see it. Or there is an option to request a refund for my SIX tickets.

I have decided to refund my tickets, I am not prepared to have fight for my tickets again or wait till next year. Which is a shame but I would rather wait till everything is back to normal or at least a bit more secure in terms  of bookings and knowing that I am going.

I am gutted that I won’t be seeing SIX next month but I appreciate the theatres are doing all that they can to make sure audiences get to see SIX in these covid times.

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