Culture Trip- On Angel Wings @ Hexham Abbey

It was a stormy Sunday afternoon in Northumberland and we were looking for a peaceful retreat. We certainly found that at Hexham Abbey’s new exhibit On Angel Wings.

We had seen it on Facebook last week and we were desperate to see it in real life.

According to Hexham Abbey On Angel Wings is an installation that came into being following discussion on how we could offer the community a space to commemorate those who had been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Speaking of which, everything about the Abbey is Covid safe, they have track and trace and sanitiser around the building and all staff are wearing masks.

On Angels Info

Inspired by an installation in 20 at Ripon Cathedral ‘On a Wing and a Prayer’, it was stunning to see in person. The way the angels were suspended in the air like that, as if they were watching over us- taking care of those in the abbey.

On Angel Wings

An idea was devised to hang origami angels, each with dedications to loved ones, in the Abbey; therefore each angel representing someone or a group of people precious and cared about by someone else. 

The colours of the angels were really calming if that makes sense, I could look at them and feel at peace with my life at that very moment. It was like a state of meditation.

On Angel Wings Abbey

On Angel Wings has over 4,500 origami angels, made by local schools, volunteers, Abbey staff and members of the public, suspended 45ft high in the Chancel of the Abbey. The angels stretch right to the High Altar from the start of the Old Choir Stalls and are lit from the sides. The angels are high enough that dedications can’t be read from the ground; keeping those memories and thoughts private but still present; much like a prayer. 

Having music played in the background just made the whole experience serene, it’s funny as once you were under the angels looking up at them everyone became quiet.

You can visit the Abbey for free Mon-Sat 10am-4pm and Sun 11am-3.

For more information click here

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