Coronavirus Train Travel

Last month I travelled by train from Prudhoe to North Wales and this was my first time travelling via train since the pandemic. I know a lot of people have concerns about travel so I thought I would write about my experience and share my travel covid story.

My journey went like this:

I travelled on the Northern Train from Prudhoe to Carlisle.

I then caught the Avanti West Coast train from Carlisle to Warrington Bank Quay.

Then I got the Transport for Wales trains Warrington Bank Quay to Chester then Chester to North Wales.

Northern Rail

The Northern Rail service was spot on, it arrived on time and it was clean. Every passenger was socially distant and were wearing masks, I felt really safe and comfortable on this train. However there appeared to be no staff on the train to scan my E Ticket or update us with

When I arrived into Carlisle train station, the experience there in terms of safety and cleanliness was the same as being on the Northern Train.

I was worried because there was no seat reservations that it would be hard to socially distance but everyone followed the rules.

Avanti West Coast

Though I had some issues with Avanti in terms of delay (which I am contacting them about) the train was really clean. However the train was really busy, none of the seats were socially distanced and hardly anybody was wearing a mask.

Now I understand that rules are relaxed now but I defiantly saw signs on the trains and on the stations, asking customers to wear masks.

I did feel comfortable knowing that I had a booked and reserved seat.

Transport For Wales

I am pretty sure in Wales that wearing a mask on a train is a must, did I see any of that ? No 😦

The train was cramped and not socially distanced and I was the only one wearing a mask. It was awful, because you don’t have the option to book a seat. As long as you have booked that journey, Transport for Wales will know how many people are on that train.

Sadly it did not really workout like that, as I said it was really cramped and stressful journey and I was convinced that I was going to get the virus.

Luckily I tested negative before, during and after my trip so far I have been alright.

I guess the lesson is here, if you want to travel – just follow the rules and make your own decisions and do what you feel is best. I always wore a mask, took regular lateral flow tests, and sanitized my hands. On those moments when I did feel unsafe, I simply moved away and sat closest to the exit door.

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