Support your small Cinema

Last week, I went to the Hexham Forum Cinema to see We Are The Geordies.

Before the pandemic, I can honestly not remember when I last visited my local cinema in Hexham. That is a massive shame and I am sorry to admit that.

Now we could have seen We Are The Geordies on You Tube and Amazon but we wanted to support local cinema and local film makers. Yes We Are The Geordies was created by a local film company. So it was a double whammy of North East film. Not that I review films but if you are a big NUFC fan the you should defiantly see this film.

Why am I asking you to support your small cinema you may ask?

Well, when me and my family booked the tickets, we were told that we were the only ones who had booked to see the film and we may have the screen to ourselves. On the day of the film that was almost true, as 2 other members of the public joined us. But still that only made 6 people in a screen at the forum, which is a real shame.

The tickets are considerably cheaper compared to the bigger cinema as well.

Now I don’t why that was, maybe it is because people are worried with the pandemic or they think that the bigger cinemas are better ? From my experience, the forum had all of the covid safety measures in place and I felt very safe whilst watching the film. In terms of quality, I honestly could not tell you the difference. All I know is, I could hear and see the film and I enjoyed it.

If you are local to Hexham and you have visited the forum cinema, you will know how beautiful the exterior and interior of the building is. It looks to be of an art deco style, with the gold and red colours coming through it feels luxurious. You don’t always get that with some of the bigger branded cinemas.

I also worry that if we don’t start supporting our local screens now, then we might not have them in the future. They might end up closing down and I don’t want to see that happen.


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