Left behind by Culture

I have not been to the theatre or experienced anything cultural in a long long time. Mainly because of the pandemic but also because I was working and I was not able to attend events.

Now that theatre and the arts world starts to slowly open up, I had hoped by now that I would have something in the diary but I don’t.

I look at my other theatre bloggers who have been to London to see a musical or who have managed to see a show at their local theatre. Then I look what I have done and I have been to see 0.

Money, Money, Money

Because I lost my job due to covid, I am now unemployed so my finances are tight therefore I can’t get to London as much as I would love too.

In terms of local theatre, I know of the Durham and Newcastle fringe but I was on a family holiday when that was on. Most of my local theatres are not open yet so I have not visited them yet. But when they do, I really hope I can go there and write about theatre again.

Culture Game

I am just worried that the longer I am out of the culture game but the more I am going to be left behind by culture. Without theatre, culture and events my blog and myself are nothing.

I don’t want my audience or culture projects to think I have stopped writing about culture because I have not. I am just waiting for the right time to be involved again.

*Editors Note* Since this blog was written, I have actually managed to purchase and experience tickets for the online Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

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