Returned to theatre after lockdown

I have not been to the theatre for over a year now for obvious reasons. However on 27th August, I returned to Northern Stage to see Free School Meals.

I was a little bit nervous to go to the theatre but after reading the Covid19 safety measures, I felt happy and safe to know that there were measures in place.

All staff and audience were wearing masks and there were loads of hand sanitiser stations around.

The box office has a glass Perspex and the staff were wearing masks.

Upon arrival my tickets were scanned (it is now paperless tickets) and I and my Dad sat down on a table and waited till the Stage 2 doors were open. It was 5 mins till curtain up and the doors were still not open, a member of staff told us it was. Little did I know that Stage 2 is now downstairs, it would have been nice to be told that. It may have been useful to have a voiceover on the tanoy to say that the curtain is open.

I walked down stairs where an usher told me to sit.

In terms of the covid measures during the show, the performance was socially distanced. Me and my Dad chose to wear masks throughout the performance, only took them off when needing to eat (which was part of the show) and put them back on.

There were stickers on the floor so it was clear to social distance and where to stand etc.

I was really happy with the safety measures and I know that Northern Stage are still finding their feet. All in all, they did a great job and I can’t wait for my next visit.

Click here to read Northern Stage Covid19 safety measures.

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