Summer in the City of Newcastle

It was a lovely hot summers evening so the Hirst family decided to take a stroll along Newcastle Quayside.

We wanted to experience NE1 Summer in the City, as summer is almost over we thought we better take advantage of the sun and the excitement by the water.

I first noticed this colourful sticker design that was on the pathway walking towards the millennium bridge. It was created by Tim Gresham, otherwise known as the artist ‘Mr. Penfold’ and it is a 75-metre-long pavement vinyl that is stretched along the Quayside, creating a vibrant, colourful, and very Instagrammable piece of art. It made my crocs look amazing.

As if walking was not enough, I noticed there rows upon rows of wave fields aka see-saws.

Wave-Field is created by CS Design and Lateral Office with soundscape by Mitchell Akiyama, it is great fun for everyone no matter what age. There are see-saws for 2 people and for four people.

The see-saws light up and emit a unique sound sequence while people interact with the park attraction. They will be free to use and will be operational between 9am – 10pm.

I have been dying to see the dichroic installations designed and built by Raskl – an art and architectural company based in the Ouseburn, experts in high-end design and fabrication of artistic installations.

I love the reflections on the floor that the seats make when the sun shines on them. According to NE1 the film reacts to sun and acts as a kaleidoscope casting colourful light and shadows which will create a dramatic installation in the area which is south facing, and thus enjoys direct sunlight throughout the day.

You need to watch your step when you walk along the Quayside.

Created by ‘3D Joe & Max’ 3D Joe & Max’s work is internationally famous and includes the World Record breaking, largest 3-D artwork in London as well as pieces in Madrid and Dubai.

Walking further along we had a pit stop at a place called Di Mio’s which we did not know existed in Ouseburn, I had a lovely tasty ice cream and it was that lovely I forgot what it was called haha It was very tasty.

I think we spent Summer to the City pretty well don’t you?

It is great to know that is all on my door step.

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