Summary: Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2021

I could not make the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this year, so I was really happy to see that there digital shows to watch in the comfort of my own home.

There were options of On Demand which meant you could watch the show whenever you wanted till a certain date. There were also shows that you could watch on a certain date and time. The payments were either fixed or pay what you feel or discounted if you are on Universal Credit (which I am).

I chose the On Demand option so I could watch when I wanted.

I bought digital tickets for the following shows:

Covid Lockdown

My Car Plays Tapes

Hear Speak See


Open Return

Wire Apart


Practice of Zen

Hitler’s Tasters

The first show I watched was Practice of Zen, not going to lie I had no idea what I was watching but I felt rather uneasy about the whole experience. Wanting to shake of that strange feeling, I immediately changed to another show where I watched Belfast.

Now I had to go out half way through the show, so I put the show on pause and logged off- that was a big mistake as I could not return to watch the rest of the show. Once you press play that is it, if you log off then you lose the show- I must have misread that in the Ts and Cs. So sadly I never got to watch the rest of Belfast.

My Car Plays Tapes was really endearing and I felt all warm and fuzzy inside. Though my booked shows does not show it, I wanted to watch some less challenging fringe shows this year.

I really enjoyed Hear Speak See, though the show itself was rather scary, I appreciated the way it was created. They had thought about the show being on a digital platform and their audience viewing it, to hear more about it click the link to my podcast.

Wire Apart was a about two people trying to connect with each other but in doing so, they must find themselves first. It was an Ariel/ circus based production that involved the artists balancing and hanging off wires.

I enjoyed watching Hitler’s Taster’s, it was an educational as I had no idea that Hitler hired young girls to taste his food. It was a dark comedy.

I am gutted that I was not able to be at the festival and did not get the same excitement as I have in the past when I have been but it was nice to watch some shows and just be apart of the festival in some way.

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