6 Reasons why I love North East England

Someone recently told me that they loved how passionate I was about the North East. And it got me thinking why that is.

So I thought I would write a blog all about it.

Born here

I was born in Northumberland, I may be biased but I love where I live. I have travelled outside of the North East but there is no place like home. There is no better feeling when I return home, on the train I get a fantastic view of all 7 bridges and I get to see SageGateshead and Baltic Centre of Contemporary Art. Or if I am travelling on the road to home, I pass the Angel of the North.

Either way, I get to see 2 spectacular views that resemble home. I get all emotional and my tears fill up when I see them, I also feel very proud to have these landmarks where I live.

Best of Both Worlds

I live in the countryside in Northumberland which is perfect as I love green spaces, it does wonders for my health. I love going on walks and seeing all of the wonderful nature around me. I also live near one of the best cities in the North East, Newcastle which is full of cultural attractions and things to do. I love that one moment I can be in the peace and quiet and the next I can be in the beautiful buzzing city.

Opportunity Knocks

Newcastle has presented itself as a hub of opportunity for me over time (so may it continue). Those opportunities that I have been lucky to experience have put my career in a certain direction aka theatre & culture in the North East. Since that moment, I have been going down that same path hence my blog.


It goes without saying that the North East has so many cultural venues, from art galleries, museums, to music venues and theatres. I could go on, which is perfect for me, my blog and my fellow culture lovers. I am so grateful to live in a region that has some fantastic venues, there is never not something to do- you can’t be in our region and be bored. There is something for everyone in North East England.

Football Fans

Yes, it is a little contentious but when I go to watch Newcastle United play at St James’ Park, the palace (yes I mean palace) is buzzing. The atmosphere is electric, no matter if the team are losing or winning- the fans are always behind them. When the fans sing and shout and raise their voices, the hairs on my neck stand up. I always walk out of St James’ Park feeling so proud- thinking yes what is what I love about my city.


It is true, we Northerners are dead canny. And we are, no matter if we know each other or not- we are always there to lend a hand and say hello and welcome you into this wonderful region.

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